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Brothers, brother, sibling




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  • 1: 不,不要我的兄弟

    No, not my brothers.

  • 2: 是的,我有一个兄弟

    Yes, I have one brother.

  • 3: 他怎么会是我的兄弟呢?

    Why would he be my brother?

  • 4: 如果你兄弟能做这件事,那么我也能做。

    If your brother can do it, so can I.

  • 5: 他们两个不都是我的兄弟

    Both(of them)are not my brothers.

  • 6: 她告诉他的爸爸和她的兄弟,可是没有人告诉我。

    She told her dad and her brothers, but no one told me.

  • 7: 你们还有兄弟吗?

    Do you have another brother?

  • 8: 我把他当作是他的兄弟

    I took him for his brother.

  • 9: 象他的兄弟的记忆一样。

    Like the memory of his brother.

  • 10: 对我,你还会不会有喜欢?大家就这样一直是兄弟吗?。

    To me, do you still like? Have we so been the brother all the time ?

  • 11: 那是你的兄弟吗?是的,他是。

    Is that your brother? Yes, it is.

  • 12: 那你的‘兄弟’,他是干什么的?

    And your ‘brother, ’ what does he do?

  • 13: 我和我兄弟每人都有一辆小汽车。

    My brother and I each have a car.

  • 14: 我预料会在那里见到你的兄弟

    I expect to see your brother there.

  • 15: 相信我,因为你是我的兄弟

    Believe me, because you are my brother!

  • 16: 我有两个姐妹和一个兄弟

    I have two sisters and one brother.

  • 17: 两个他和他的兄弟活在地下尽头。

    Both he and his brother live in the underworld .

  • 18: 你喜欢我的兄弟这么多?

    Do you like my brother so much?

  • 19: 你遇见过我的兄弟吗?——那可记不起了。

    Have you ever met my brother?—Not that I remember.

  • 20: 我本应该追随你的,我的兄弟

    I would have followed you, my brother.

  • 21: 这条鱼不像是他的敌人,而像是他的兄弟

    The fish is like his brother instead of an enemy.

  • 22: 原谅我,我的兄弟

    Forgive me, my brother.

  • 23: 你有兄弟姐妺吗?

    Do you have brothers ?

  • 24: 我的兄弟喜欢英语,但我喜欢数学。

    My brother likes English, but I like math.

  • 25: 您就是那兄弟吗?

    You are the brother?

  • 26: 但是我没有兄弟或姐妹。

    But I have no brothers or sisters.

  • 27: 你有一些兄弟或姐妹吗?

    Do you have any brothers or sisters?

  • 28: 这些几条裤子不是给我的,而是给我的兄弟的。

    These trousers are not for me, but for my brothers.

  • 29: 美式英语:你有兄弟或者姐妹吗?

    Do you have any brothers or sisters?

  • 30: 它将是一个兄弟党或者另一个独裁者。

    It will have to be the Brothers or another strongman.

  • 31: 我有三个兄弟,但没有姐妹。

    I have three brothers, but no sisters.

  • 32: 当你看到我,你就看到了他,你看我的母亲,我的兄弟和我的姐妹。

    When you see me, you see him, you see my Mother and my brothers and sisters.

  • 33: 如果没有,那么我认为我自己就是所有摩托车车手的兄弟,不仅在我的祖国美国,也在这里---中国。

    If not, then I consider myself to be the brother to all motorcycle riders not only in my country of America, but also that of China.

  • 34: 你若不打发他去,大家就不下去,因为那人对大家说,你们的兄弟若不与你们同来,你们就不得见我的面。

    But if thou wilt not send him, we will not go down: for the man said unto us, Ye shall not see my face, except your brother be with you.

  • 35: 他们说,只有大家雇用部族首领和他的兄弟作为向导,才允许大家通过此地。

    They said they would only let us through if we hired the chief and his brother as guides.

  • 36: 我察觉他对他兄弟眨眼示意。

    I noticed him winking at his brother .

  • 37: 但是,没有,我的兄弟,我还有些剩余。命运并没有把我的一切都骗走。

    But no, my brother, I have still something left. My fate has not cheated me of everything.

  • 38: 你有姐妹或兄弟吗?。

    Do you have sisters or brothers?

  • 39: 这些是我的兄弟和姐妹。

    These are my brothers and sisters.

  • 40: 你的家人怎么样?你有兄弟姐妹吗?

    How about your family? Do you have brothers or sisters?

  • 41: 他确实是这样,他兄弟也是如此。

    So he does, and so does his brother.

  • 42: 我的兄弟住在其他的地方…

    My brothers live in other places .

  • 43: 他有任何的兄弟吗?。

    Does he have any brothers?

  • 44: 因此,杀生的人,就是杀他的兄弟

    Therefore, he who kills, kills his brother.

  • 45: 我爱你们,我的兄弟姐妹们!

    My brothers and sisters , I love you !

  • 46: 你所有的东西,从玩具到衣服,都被你的兄弟和姐妹用过。

    Everything you have, from toys to clothes, is used by your brothers and sisters.

  • 47: 大家是你们来自太空的兄弟姐妹,大家把你们当作大家的家人,大家没有偏见的爱着你们所有人。

    We are your Brothers and Sisters from Space and we regard you as one of us, and love you all without reservation.

  • 48: 我要为我的兄弟姐妹们祈祷。

    I pray for all my sisters and brothers.

  • 49: 他和兄弟一起把田里的大麦收割完了。

    He and his brother reaped the field of barley.

  • 50: 大家就如同曾经是你们的兄弟姐妹一样,现在,围绕你们地球全体,大家在和平和智慧之下对你们说话。

    We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this, your planet Earth.

  • 51: 现在大家用平和与智慧向你们说,正如大家已经完全向你们行星地球上所有你们兄弟和姐妹所做的那样。

    We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this, your planet earth.

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